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“Unbelievable! Inspired RE managed to sell my house for WAY more profit than we could have on our own. We almost didn’t want to move, it looked so good!”
- John & Wendy

“The transformation was beautiful! And we were happily suprised by the increase in value.”
- Brian & Julie

“It never looked like this when we lived in it - truly incredible!”
- Tony & Lexi


A : Very SIMPLE - Enter your address on the Boost Analyzer above and we will start the process to determine how much more your home could be worth if it were transformed into a model home on our dime. There is no upfront cost or obligation to you in any way. We have a complete outline on our about page.
A : No! Inspired Homes Inc. manages a group of expert home designers, finance masters and real estate investors. We work with the best contractors, home stagers and REALTORS®. We also have a passion for design - both in and out. Our goal is to help owners literally “Flip Myself” with our federally registered “Improve To Move®” system - where owners keep 100% of the profit from their own home. Enter your address above and see how much profit you have hidden!
A : That’s great! Ask your agent to apply to become registered with Improve to Move®; we’re happy to help them help you make more money. There is an agent invitation form on our website; we are always looking for great agents to work with.
A : Listings priced right do sell quickly. Homes in need of updates or repairs compete with other more desirable homes. Many buyers don’t see the vision of a home that is not a model home, nor are they willing or financially able to undertake a remodel directly after the purchase of their dream home. This equates to you selling at less than full value - leaving your hard earned equity and dollars on the table. Our Inspired homes are in high demand and tend to sell fastest and at the highest price!
A : Many brokers attempt to win customers with the promise of a discounted listing fee. Obviously this race to the bottom can lower the listing cost for a seller, however boosting equity provides significantly higher value and more profit. Discount agents typically provide less service. That’s not our business. With the Improve to Move® program, our focus is increasing your profit. Would you rather have more profit or a discounted listing fee? We look forward to helping you!
A : Inspired Real Estate earns a portion of the agent's commission while you keep 100% of the profit from the increased equity! We make money when you make money - Win win win!
A : A Zestimate’s accuracy depends on location and availability of data in an area. It is a starting point in determining a home's value and is not an official appraisal. The Zestimate is automatically computed based on public and user-submitted data points. There are many aspects of a home an automated valuation can’t take into account, such as curb appeal, a spectacular view, or a quiet street. Let our experts come fill in the gaps and give you a true valuation of your property, along with an estimate of how much equity we can add with a renovation. All at no risk to you.